Good ideas. Incredible execution.


ACGV Ventures was founded after years of working in Fintech, finance and consulting. Our goal is to help entrepreneurs turn ideas into real products that customers pay for with real money.  Crazy.

We assist with fundraising, operational and networking guidance...  and reality checks.

For details about our investment process as well as our level of involvement, get in touch with us.


Where Great Ideas Meet Impeccable Execution


Cutting edge financial planning software - with a focus on retirement income stability

READ Enterprises

Fintech Meets EdTech - Taking on the Student Loan Debt Crisis


You can't run a startup without coffee! Best fair trade and artisanal roastery in the Midwest.

Nomion Capital

Nomion Capital provides a vehicle for stable lifetime retirement income to savers at all levels,including lower income and unbanked populations. Nomion's unique Robo-Actuary provides clarity on your individual path through retirement.